Thursday, March 28, 2013

I apologize for staying away so long. Been busy getting my next book ready for publication. With a little luck on my side it will be ready mid-May.  I'm also new at this, so I hope you have patience.

I really do have so many funny parenting stories to tell. But every time I start to type one it ends up - well - not being so funny.  But here goes:

My oldest son, four at the time, was playing across the street at my neighbors house with their two girls, five and three. We already had dinner and they invited him over to play until the sun went down. It was mid-summer.  When it started to get dark, my neighbor told Shawn it was time for him to leave because her girls were going to have a bath.

Shawn immediately went into their bathroom, stripped off his clothes and yelled, "I'm ready for my bath, too."

We do not live in the same neighborhood anymore, but whenever I see my previous neighbor  she reminds me of this story and how she still tells people about it.  I hope you enjoyed it!