Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yesterday was release day for MYSTIC REALMS. I'm excited about this boxed set I worked on with nineteen other talented, awesome NYT, USA and International Bestselling Authors. No matter what paranormal world you like, it's covered in this set. And for 99 cents, there is no better deal out there.

Inside this set is my novella, A WOLF'S TOUCH. I'm really excited about this. Creating a world that includes werewolves and the occasional vampire was fun, challenging and tricky. I hope to turn this into a series. Continue reading for a sneak peek!

“So, tell me. What had you so upset you ran from my office?” Ethan cocked one nicely shaped thick brow.
Of course he would start off with that. Subtlety was certainly not one of Dr. Brown’s fortes. “I came to see you because you teach Myth and Culture. I have an unusual question to ask.”
He leaned forward, his deep brown eyes riveted on hers. “Well, ask away. How unusual can it be?”
“Humph.” She shook her head fast, regretting it as the bones in her neck cracked. “You have no idea.”
“Of course I don’t, unless you tell me.”
“Okay.” She leaned forward, lowered her voice several octaves. “Do you believe in werewolves?” There, she said it. Then she sat back as all the air expelled from her lungs. If he thought her crazy, so be it. 
He leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms, and stared at her with a blank face. 
Why didn’t he answer her? Little pinpricks tip-toed up her spine as she waited silently, damning him for keeping her lingering and damning herself for caring. The seconds ticked by like hours, so she cleared her throat and repeated her question. 
“I heard you the first time,” he replied.
“Oh, and you just thought you’d ignore me. Do you enjoy making people feel like fools?”
“Sorry.” He shook his head. “Not my intention. You caught me off guard that’s all.”
Her temper sizzled. She fought to control it. “I’m still waiting for your answer.”
He laughed, a deep chuckle which only angered her more. She got up, almost knocking the chair over in her haste. Frustration gnawed at her.
Who did he think he was, ordering her around? 

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